" The quality of work out here as good as we want and and the engineers in here are knows well what you want. The studio is good for every audio works from movie dubbing to music recording.. "

Rana Kayal

" One of the best studio in the entire eastern region. Good ambiance, approach and presentations. Mr Samar Roy is a good Sound Engineer."

Deb Mukherjee

" Samata Audio is run by Mr Samar Ray. The ambience and the proffessional handling of queries by customers and performers are equally good. The hygeine and the infrastructure is above average. I wish all the very best to Samata Audio."

Kaberi Chakrabarti

" I feel the totality counts a lot for any kind of performance well be it song recording or playing any kind of musical instrument,drama & recitation any kind need all the good things to-gether quality,excellence,good co-operation these all are there in samatha audio."

Amit Roy

" It was a wonderful experience with samata audio. Very friendly atmosphere and song recordings were really mind-blowing. Thanks a lot to samar da"

Sayan paulchowdhury

" We at Mumbai,have taken the Services of Samata Audio in Kolkatta. It was very easy and comfortable dealing with Mr. Samar. Top Qualities Prompt Knowledgeable Responsible.
When we wanted a small correction,Mr. Samar was as responsive as he was before the order. You can entrust your project to them. We would love to work with them again.
Regards Imran Ahmed Founder Wisdom Rays"

Wisdom Rays

" I can just about afford to have my songs mixed and mastered there online! I'll use a local studio to record, but I will probably have the mixing and mastering done here. Someday, I might record an album at Samata Audio. I like their website and the range of services designed to meet just about any budget. Samata Audio is an amazing studio!!! I've worked there on fifteen or more major projects working alongside the legendary mastering engineer Samar Roy and I have to say that their work is second to none, with highly skilled engineers who can assess and deliver astonishing results in a very short time. I look forward to working there again soon. Every body should do their project with Samata Audio only! If you value your money, then go only with Samata Audio."

Sagar Dutta

" What to describe?? I am really grateful to work with Samata Audio,as a Dubbing/VO Artist. It has really been a great experience. Willing to work more with Samata Audio as much as possible in the coming days.
Wish all the very best to Samata Audio..."

Arjun Bose

" I am satisfied with service and teaching method of samata audio."

Gyanju sherpa

" Samata Audio is the studio of absolute quality work. Starting from it's environment, equipments, experienced staffs everything is high standard. Quality work is guaranteed."

Sujoy Goswami

" M. Jean François Deneuve from France. I would like to thank Mr Samar and both people who did the recordings of the lessons very much; The sound is clear. Even the instructions that were given for the recordings of the drills have been followed. I'm very satisfied with the quality of this work which is not finished since there are two other parts to be recorded. But I can already say that I would highly recommend the work of M. Samar to anyone!"


" I was very much satisfied with the quality of the work. I am grateful to Samar Roy and his whole team of musicians. Samar Roy is a good Sound Engineer. I would highly recommend his work to anyone."

Suparna Biswas

" Very nice state of the art studio.
Nice engineers.
Totally awesome experience."


" like a candle that burns itself to give others light, just like flowers that give away fragrance that they cant smell -
You listened
You motivated
You helped
You encouraged
You shared
You inspired
You gave us skills
that we desired -
you taught us everything by working hard day and night, you have made our lives blossom in a way that words cant tell."

Udit Arun Saptarshi

" The ambience, approach, presentations, assistance provided to me during the recording for the development of information kiosk on sericulture was really very fantastic. I wish them all the best."

Phaniraj Hs

" I am really happy to have experience of work with SAMATA AUDIO as it is one of the finest studio in kolkata for dubbing as well as musical purpose."

Amit Chakrabarti

" Samata audio is a very well equipped studio with all the latest techniques.It was a wonderful experience recording there.samar sir is outstanding as a recordist..he is a perfectionist but very very helpful with loads of knowledge and experience."

lisa paul

" Good service and quick turnaround with quality work."


" Very good and honest person"

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